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These are LCAF theme icons now if you want them please credit:kawaiidreamer14 thank you.
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LCAF sounds so cool! Would you mind if i added you to my friends list? I'm new on lj and O would love to have you as my friend! ^_^
Welcome aboard!
OMG *cry* sorry this is sooo late! i had to search WAY back into the animeicons community to find what you wanted on it. i could'nt put this in your lj cuz it's friend's only, so im posting it here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hope this is what you want, and again im VERY sorry...
thankies! join my site okay?
this one we're replying on?
yeah i need some more fans of LCAF
lisa! It's jen, and I just wanted to comment saying I ♥ your journal and userinfo, and *hugs* email me when you can: lovesxserenity@aim.com
thankies jen i miss ya! how about my real journal you like that eh?